Hydrofoil set (foil + board) for the price of one foil. Budget hydrofoil Karat

A month ago, we tried for the first time a Ukrainian-made Karat aluminum hydrofoil. The most important feature of this specimen is its cost - only 880 euros for a set of foil and board.

  • 80cm aluminum mast

  • aluminum fuselage

  • composite wings

  • Front wing area 1100 cm2

  • Matrix board, volume 30L

  • The weight of the whole set is 7.5kg.


This hydrofoil is great for training and beginner riding, ideal as a first hydrofoil. Due to the large wing, it creates lift at the lowest speed. This is very important in lightwind. A comfortable ride on it occurs from 17 km / h to 30 km / h. At these speeds, it is stable and predictable. It is not designed for high speeds (large front fender). Although the mast is made of aluminum, it almost does not whistle (only for a short period of time it “howls”). In general, the construction is rigid, the foil does not walk. Personally, I would add roll stability, but this can be a matter of habit.



The board is 132 cm long and has a good rocker. The rails allow you to adjust the position of the mast relative to the stern and install any foils with a “plate” attachment on this foilboard. A mat is glued on the deck, it does not allow feet to slip when skating without loops. A double V-loop is provided in front, this expands the possibilities for turning on the foil.


By the way, about reversals. Performing downwind turns (jibe and transition from hillside to switch) is a pleasure. Turns through the windward side are much more difficult, the foil loses speed rather quickly on tacks.


I recommend to everyone who wants to start riding a hydrofoil to pay attention to it.

You can buy Karat hydrofoil here!

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