Kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kiting.

For a person who wants to try a new sport, and focuses on kite, it is enough to know the following points before the start of classes:

  1. A kite is a wing that flies due to the flow of wind. Kitesurfing (kiteboarding) is a young, extreme sport. In addition to kite, kiteboarding uses a board, a trapezoid (belt) and a strap with slings. The athlete is approached to the kite with the help of slings (18-27m) and a strap that is attached to the trapezoid and 90% of the kite's thrust is surrendered to it, allowing you to transfer the entire load when riding from hand to torso.

  2. Fully freedom! If you know how to ride a kite, you can do it anywhere where there is wind, and there are no prohibitions for active sports. You no longer need to pay for a boat or a winch that would pull you through the water! You can stand on the board, raise the kite, and start moving in any direction, already with a wind of 4 ms (we ride from 4 ms to 20-25 ms). You no longer have to pay for the ski lift in the mountains. Now you, with your favorite snowboard / ski, can kite in the snow, using for this both mountains and frozen reservoirs / fields / reservoirs.

  3. Easy start! Earlier we talked about the load that goes from your hands to the trapeze? It is the trapezoid that allows you to perform long jumps, to travel distances of 50-100 km without straining your hands at all. For kitesurfing you do not need physical training. Fragile girls, small children, older people can easily master this sport. On average, 90% of people in the world can ride a kite (for physical fitness), and 85% of them can jump and perform elementary tricks.

  4. Can I start on my own?  Of course you can, but in 65% -70% of cases, this results in a sharp deterioration in health. Kite – is very dangerous tool in MANDATORY hands, if you don’t know how to handle the kite, you can suffer already at its launch. At a minimum, you can take one lesson (3 hours) to understand the basics of management and security.

  5. Interesting fact: 95% of people who completed the training course continued to get involved and progress in this sport. Do you remember - “When was the last time you found a hobby for life?”

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